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First of all, Welcome to my Site! As place to showcase my work, I split all my projects between old projects and recent projects to show what kind of progression I have made in my study of programming especially in Actionscript 3 and entrance to OOP. I also can do web design for anyone interested and create a website, or just do some changes and site maitanence. Go to the Contact page for ways of contacting me!

To find out more information about this site, or to contact me, use the links at the top or bottom of this page to navigate the website!

Date: 8/25/10

New Site setup! Much more organized than the previous, and a much more unique and easy-to-understand design.

So, the game has been finished for a long while now, since July 31st, so go check it out in the "Games" section!

Also, I have started work on an RPG Battle Engine using the Adobe AIR 2 platform. But it won't be just any Battle Engine, it will be 100% AI run.

It will be more of a programming challenge than anything else, where anyone can join as soon as I get it running. The basic outline of how it'll work is that any language that can export .EXE files (.DMGs too), can participate. Basically my engine will use data passed by your program through the command line to execute each battle turn.

More info on this in the future! (for now here's a sprite I made as an avatar, FF4 style!)