About this Site & it's Creator

Hello Visitor,

Well, this is my website to showcase my work, or if you prefer, just to scroll through my projects and play some of the games I have created!

I am a student, but that's all you really need to know about me personally ;) .

I first got an interest in programming after a summer Flash MX course when I was about 9, and I was into animation. From there it went to AS2 timeline control, to movieclips, and finally I was working with FlashDevelop, the concept of OOP, and now have moved to Flash Builder 4 working with AS3.

I've progressed in my programming abilities and am proudly able to say that I understand logic in that I've been able to pick up some Python, and a tiny bit of some other languages like PHP. Also I have worked in creating websites that are easy to edit, and easy to read, and something that I myself would be proud of.

The reason why the title to this website is "Cl-17 & AngryShroom" is actually because of my Newgrounds account. Newgrounds was where I learned how to use Flash, and the forums are where you can find me. More info on that in "Contact" page.

To anyone that cares to read this,

Mike Knyszek