This is some of the art I have made in the past. I've been working mostly with pixel art recently, and Flash is my drawing program of choice. However I do have some artwork I really worked hard on, hope you like them! (and get a chuckle or two out of some!)

Badass - A black/white sketch in Flash. Once again, older, not my best, but I like it.

Cap'n Falcon - Felt like drawing Cap'n Falcon one day. I don't know how much more I can go into it than that. :P

Super Mushroom Wallpaper - My favorite (and what I consider my best) drawing to date. Took a long while to make, but is currently my desktop background.

Neon Midnight Wallpaper - A huge ass wallpaper that I came up with after seeing another (forget where I saw it). I used a brush pack for Photoshop on this one.

Ninja Prarie Dog - Not sure where the idea for this came to me! Went through a lot of Photoshop editting.

Pixel Heads - One of my first pixel art pieces. Not perfect but I like it. :3

Pokemon Sprite Recolors/Edits - Well, there was this fad to make pokemon your profile picture so I decided to participate, but get creative with it, and thus they were born. Click Each Link Below To See Each One

Random Mix - Mr. Wobitar || Evil Charizard || Infecterior ReapBone

Some Random Guy - The idea for this was as random as the guy you see in the picture.

The Many Species of Angry Mushroom - I felt like making something funny. :3

Shiny Magikarp - I felt like making something funny. Except this time using Pixel Tools. :3