These are my games. Most of these games are older, and all were made using AS2 (which is becoming increasingly obsolete). My latest and greatest project however, is in the works and you can find out more information about it on the homepage. Click the pictures to play thier corresponding games!

Super Mushroom: My latest and greatest game made using the flixel framework and AS3.

RubberTankZ: A game that I am most proud of. Has a ton of features and addicting gameplay!

Super Mushroom: One of my earlier games, but it is my Flagship so to speak. A "sequel" is in the works as well, check the homepage for more info!

SuperPaddle: A short game I made as a test of my own abilities. A very simple concept, but difficult to master.

RubberTank: The forerunner to RubberTankZ. Also addicting gameplay!

Heart++: An increasingly platformer revolving around a Valentine's Day poem. Not my best since I was rushing a bit to get it done, so it's not my best work.

Zyxe: My earliest full-fledged game. Sort of addicting gameplay, art could've been better, but for its time (when I was 12) it was a big accomplishment for me. It's 6 chapters long.